The Truth

As time passed by, I started to realise that people change in many ways. At one time, we may think that we are surrounded by our true friends as we used to spend time eating, laughing, chit chatting together but little that we know that those are just gimmicks. I noticed that we made friends with our colleagues as we are not left with many choices. Out of curiosity, can colleagues be good friends or true friends? I doubt so. People are closed to us for many reasons. Who are actually our true friends then? Can you name one? I have been thinking about this for such a long time and right until now, I am still searching and looking for the answer. Do you realise one thing? That sometimes, we try hard to be there for our friends, we lend them our shoulder for them to cry on, we support them in every way that we can but at the end of the day they just walked away without giving us reasons. Why is that happening? I am the type who loves to give colours in people’s life. I love to give surprises, buy them gifts and be there for them for as much as I could. But somehow, at the end of the day everything goes down into the drain without me noticing it.

I did a lot of thinking these few years. I love to observe human’s behaviour. The only thing that I am certain is that, to have a loyal friend or to be a loyal friend we should remove the greed that we have inside us. We should not be feeling envious with what our friends have in life. The best that we can do is to feel happy for them. By eliminating those evil feelings, trust me you would be able to find true friends and learn to appreciate them even better. Being a plain human being, it is just obvious that sometimes we tend to be over protective and reacting. I made that mistakes myself and apparently my so-called friend was not happy about it. I can still remember her telling me that the only reason she shared the issue with me was merely to have my two ears listening to her. No response required or in short, my opinions are not needed at all. But, being just a plain human being and so called a friend to this person I started to share my opinions with her. I looked at her as my closed friend and I literally have no intention to meddle with her personal affairs but I thought that I could stand a chance to share my opinions and that she could consider those salient points that I wanted her to take note.

Unfortunately, my behaviour was not acceptable to her and she got pissed off. I might have gone a little overboard I guess. She started to say things that actually surprised me. That makes me realise who she really was and honestly I really hold a white flag in my hand and I left the conversation just like that. Trust me, in this life you will certainly meet people with many characters. In this matter, I realised that this so-called friend of mine is someone who  refused to accept people’s idea when she had made her call. Nevertheless, she loves to waste people’s time by sharing with us about an issue and all she needs from us is for us to lend her our ears. That is the kind of friendship that she appreciates while mine is just opposite of hers. We did put a gap right after the incident. I prefer to exclude myself from being around her and surprisingly I noticed that I was better off without her!! What a relief!! Hahaha

Right now, honestly I am not bothered about making friends or having friends. To some degree, i just feel friends can be such a nuisance. Life is more peaceful and meaningful without their presence. If one day, I stumble upon someone who can be happy for me and who can appreciate our friendship I will still accept her presence. But, please come to me with sincererity. I don’t need another “horrible night mare’!! In short, always those people who we called friends are just our acquaintances. They come and go. Whenever the world is celebrating Friendship’s Day we should ask ourselves, do we really have the kind of friends to celebrate with?. Don’t just make ourselves busy forwarding the friendship quotes and greetings to don’t know who, merely to please ourselves.

Wowww! What a relief! Hahaha..still I am not able to write this to my heart content. If I were to do that, I may as well look for a publisher to publish it. Got to go. Will write again when I have the mood of doing it. Let’s agree that I am not an avid writer!!


My first time

Placeholder ImageI hope i could write better than last time. As much as I enjoyed reading people’s writings I wish I could also have a good or maybe a great blog that benefits all. Reading has always been my interest. When I read, I love to look at how the writers arrange the sentences. In short, it is all about the copy writing skills. An interesting article leaves a great impact on the readers and the ability of the reader to quote some sentences from your writing would be a big wow!

Got to make a quit now. Shall come back in due course and have a great day!